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We advocate for a holistic health perspective that connects physical well-being with mental and environmental balance, emphasizing 'samyam' or self-regulation, fostering informed choices for a harmonious lifestyle in tune with co-existential philosophy.


Prannath Hospital Sardarshahr

Sardarshahar, Churu District Rajasthan

Situated in Churu district Rajasthan, Prannath Hospital Saradrashahar is a transformative healthcare project integrating Allopathy and Ayurveda under the same roof. With plans for expansion and specialized services, it pioneers a replicable model, focusing on qualitative improvements in health and quantitative indicators, backed by financial support, partnerships, and an innovative approach for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Shri BhavarLal Dugar Ayurved Vishwabharti- SBLD

Sardarshahar, Rajasthan

SBLD Sardarshahar, equipped with its established Ayurvedic college and pharmacy, possessed valuable formulations. They sought to purchase modern machinery and required funds for working capital. During the COVID period, the SHAPE Foundation provided support, enabling the production of a crucial immunity booster called Sarwajhwarhar. This product was manufactured in significant quantities and distributed nationwide. Currently, there is a plan to enhance and expand their production lines, and the SHAPE Foundation is dedicated to continuing its support.

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