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About Us

We strive to build a world where every entity coexists in a mutually enriching and sustainable manner

SHAPE is dedicated to promoting Co-existentialism (Madhyasth Darshan), a philosophy that unfolds the profound mysteries of our existence, encourages true coexistence and humane conduct, transcending materialism and idealism. 

This philosophy, introduced by A Nagraj (1920-2016), guides our study, studious research, earnest experimentation, and lived application efforts towards fostering consciousness development, value education, ecological harmony, and global peace for participation in a universal system and a rich tradition of humaneness for generations.

Believing in the transformative power of human consciousness through this philosophy, we aim to address contemporary challenges like ethical disconnection, mental and social discord, and environmental crises, offering a beacon of hope and transformation.

We undertake projects that embody the principles of co-existential knowledge and universal well-being, we strive to build a world where every entity coexists in a mutually enriching and sustainable manner. Formed in 2022 by a group of educationists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, SHAPE is driven by these values.


Our project, Prannath Hospital, stands as a beacon of hope in rural and semi-urban India, where access to multi-specialty healthcare remains scarce. Situated at Gandhi Vidya Mandir Campus in Sardarshahar, Rajasthan, this innovative facility integrates Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy, offering comprehensive medical care. Scheduled for inauguration in October 2024 and accredited by NABH and NABL, Prannath Hospital embodies our commitment to holistic humanistic development, rooted in our co-existential values, aiming to transcend conventional healthcare boundaries.

Our Principles

Our Vision

 SHAPE strive to build a world where every entity coexists in a mutually enriching and sustainable manner. We envision a world where the pursuit of harmonious dharma of happiness, prosperity, fearlessness and ecological balance aligns in coexistence, reshaping the current fragmented mind set to address today's pressing issues of global warming, nuclear wars, wide spread mental and social discord.

Our Mission

In a world overshadowed by materialism and spiritual emptiness, we dedicate ourselves to supporting projects that embody the co-existential philosophy. Our focus spans education, environment, social, and ethical initiatives, setting us apart from conventional approaches. We strive to catalyze a shift towards collaborative conduct, inspiring individuals and communities to embrace their role in achieving harmony rooted in dharma. Our mission goes beyond addressing global challenges' symptoms; it's about reimagining co-existential solutions for universal well-being, sustainable living, and an enlightened society.

What We Do

We actively implement and endorse initiatives and ventures aimed at instigating a humane and fundamental change in the attitudes and perceptions of humans worldwide. 

Our Goals

Promoting Coexistentialism and harmonious living

Supporting organizations that work towards health, education, sustainable production, fair exchange and justice & protection

Transcending traditional learning to holistic consciousness

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