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Abhyuday Sansthan Project

Abhyuday Sansthan, a visionary endeavor launched in 2015, is dedicated to fostering an enlightened society and universal order through the transformative teachings of Madhyasth Darshan, a 21st-century philosophy propagated by A. Nagaraj of Amarkantak, MP.
Established in 2001, Abhyuday Sansthan operates under the guidance of A. Nagaraj, with a clear mission to contribute to the emergence of awakened human beings.
The organization conducts immersive Jeevan Vidya Shivirs, designed to introduce participants to Madhyasth Darshan. These shivirs, spanning seven days, aim to instil a deep understanding of Madhyasth Darshan's relevance in personal, familial, and societal contexts. Additionally, in-depth Madhyasth Darshan study camps are organized, offering comprehensive courses ranging from six months to two years. These initiatives have benefitted over 10,000 individuals directly, fostering sincere engagement with Madhyasth Darshan principles.
Abhibhavak Vidyalay, an English-medium school established in 2016, imparts transformative education rooted in human consciousness transformation. With a faculty comprising 25 families residing within and around the Sansthan premises, the school nurtures students from nursery to class 10, integrating value-based education into the curriculum.
Approximately 25 families residing within the Sansthan premises embody Madhyasth Darshan principles in their daily lives, encompassing various activities such as educational endeavors, agro and dairy production, and marketing of natural products. These families actively practice coexistential farming across 100 acres, yielding a diverse range of agricultural produce. The Sansthan's facilities include halls for immersive learning experiences, residential accommodations, and practical training units for dairy farming, organic agriculture, food processing, handicrafts, and more.
The Sansthan boasts extensive facilities, including multiple halls, residential accommodations, classrooms, a multimedia center, and practical training units for dairy and food production. The organization also plans to establish a fully equipped multimedia center to disseminate information on Madhyasth Darshan through various digital platforms.
With SHAPES Foundations partnership Abyuday Sansthan aims to societal transformation through the principles of Madhyasth Darshan, with a strong emphasis on education, self-governance, and sustainable living practices.

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