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Bharat Samridhi Udyog (BSU)

BSU Bharat Samridhi Udyog, spearheaded by Dhruti, embarked on its mission in April 2023 in Manav Teerth, Chhattisgarh, as a registered entity. The current status of the project underscores notable advancements in research and development, packaging, and finalizing recipes, with a seamless transition towards procuring machinery and meticulous budget planning. Looking ahead, the project's trajectory includes the crucial phases of refining processes, completing production, and embarking on market trials, all contingent upon securing production approval.
At its core, the project's impact is centered on the creation of a wholesome, Ayurvedic, preservative-free breakfast snack fortified with essential nutrients like B12 and protein, catering to individuals across all age demographics. The primary beneficiaries of this endeavor are the local women residing in the villages of Chhattisgarh, with a concerted focus on providing comprehensive training and skill development opportunities for this demographic.
The meticulous evaluation of the project encompasses rigorous product testing, and ongoing research and development endeavors, all aimed at gauging product viability and market receptiveness. Challenges inherent to the rural setting and logistical complexities are being navigated through adaptive strategies crafted to ensure operational efficacy and sustainability.
While formal partnerships are yet to be established, the sustainability blueprint revolves around seamless integration into local markets and fostering collaborations with regional vendors. The project's journey emphasises the importance of local adaptation, logistical acumen, and alignment with indigenous preferences, culminating in innovative product variations and the seamless incorporation of locally-sourced ingredients. Through its unwavering dedication to promoting health and tradition, the project exemplifies a harmonious fusion of modernity and heritage.

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