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Global Vikas Trust

Global Vikas Trust, situated in the Beedh district of Marathwada, Maharashtra, has been steadfastly committed to uplifting small and marginalized farmers since its inception in 2016. The organization's proactive engagement extends to approximately 16,000 farmers, introducing them to low-investment, high-profit farming techniques, sustainable technologies, and empowerment initiatives tailored specifically for women farmers. Notably, Global Vikas Trust distinguishes itself with its unwavering focus on enhancing soil quality through innovative methodologies.
Looking ahead, the organization sets its sights on conducting comprehensive climatic and market studies to optimize yield and pricing strategies. The overarching goals of the project are geared towards boosting crop yield, alleviating long-term debts, promoting eco-friendly farming practices, and empowering women farmers. Quantitative benchmarks encompass augmented crop production and decreased debt burdens, while qualitative metrics spotlight enhanced farmer well-being and the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.
With a primary emphasis on uplifting small and marginal farmers, particularly women, Global Vikas Trust underscores its commitment to financial investments in initiatives such as river widening, farmer training programs, and women's empowerment initiatives. The organization's strategic allocation of resources towards river augmentation projects and farmer capacity-building initiatives speaks volumes about its operational ethos.
Addressing prevalent challenges, including marketing intricacies, water scarcity issues, and financial constraints, entails the implementation of proactive strategies such as the construction of small dams and river augmentation projects. Through strategic collaboration with the SHAPE Foundation, Global Vikas Trust epitomizes a holistic approach to agricultural development, emerging as a beacon of positive change in the Beedh district.

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