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Manav Teerth

Project Manav Teerth represents a pioneering endeavor focused on delving into the intricacies of Jeevan Vidya, offering a distinctive 3-year youth program tailored for individuals aged 18-30, alongside the establishment of Prerna Vidyalay, a CBSE-patterned school. Nestled in Bemitra, this campus serves as a home to over 300 students, operating as a boarding school with a unique curriculum designed to foster growth across three dimensions: nurturing, intellectual development, and practical skills.
What distinguishes this project is its unwavering commitment to conscious living, epitomized through self-sustainability initiatives such as food cultivation and a Gaushala for milk production. Furthermore, the integration of eco-friendly practices, including solar energy utilization and water cycling, underscores its dedication to environmental stewardship.
Presently, significant strides have been made in advancing holistic education and sustainability practices, aligning seamlessly with the overarching goal of nurturing conscious living. Looking ahead, the project's roadmap entails various construction undertakings, encompassing the development of a new kitchen block, separate dining facilities, a media room, and a multipurpose room, alongside the ongoing construction of a new boys' hostel.
The project's impact ranges from serving as a model for positive living to meticulously grooming youth for meaningful societal contributions, while humanizing the educational experience. The project's success will be evaluated both qualitatively, through its societal influence and the transformative journeys of its students, and quantitatively, via program participation metrics.
Youth and children stand as the primary beneficiaries, with an anticipated annual impact on approximately 100 students. Financial backing from SHAPE, coupled with annual support, is channeled toward ongoing construction endeavors, program enhancement, and operational requirements. Key alliances forged with educational institutions and governmental bodies epitomize a collaborative approach toward fostering positive societal change.

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