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Nature to Nature

The Nature2Nature project, spearheaded by Himanshu Bahuguna in Risheksh, near Dehradun Aerocity, has flourished over the past two years, championing the production of natural, chemical-free products such as jams and holi colors. What sets this project apart is its unwavering commitment to produce natural products without any chemical or preservatives.
At present, the project boasts a successful track record in producing preservative-free natural jams and chemical-free holi colors, alongside its ongoing endeavor to transform a hillside farm into a serene retreat for slow tourism enthusiasts. Looking ahead, the project's roadmap entails establishing an agro tourism destination along the Rishikesh-Dehradun highway by 2024's end, fostering the development of farm stays and nurturing slow tourism experiences over the ensuing 3-4 years, while also diversifying into pickle and chutney production post-March.
The overarching objectives of the Nature to Nature project revolve around acquainting the local community with healthier, chemical-free alternatives and fostering sustainable livelihoods for residents. By championing sustainable agriculture, agro tourism, and slow tourism, the project not only addresses pressing environmental and social concerns but also promises inclusive benefits for the entire community, particularly local villagers, scheduled castes, tribes, and women.
Financial support, including a soft loan and a monthly stipend has been instrumental in propelling the project forward. Despite challenges surrounding product marketing and visibility, the project remains steadfast in its commitment to devising robust marketing strategies under expert guidance, ensuring market acceptance of its natural holi colors.
In summation, the Nature to Nature project epitomizes a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating economic, environmental, and social imperatives to yield positive outcomes for both the local community and the environment at large. As the project evolves, future endeavors will center on soliciting feedback and forging formal partnerships to amplify its overall impact and effectiveness.

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