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Sarthak Media

Sarthak Media, situated in Kheda, Gujarat, embarked on its transformative journey over two years ago under the visionary guidance of Vandan Rawal. This innovative venture, aptly named "Sarthak Media," specializes in the creation of both 2D and 3D animations, with a distinct focus on addressing meaningful topics, particularly those rooted in Jeevan Vidya, catering to audiences spanning across generations.
The project's current endeavors have culminated in the successful production of eight animated videos, each serving as a conduit for introducing Madhyasth Darshan and conveying profound narratives tailored for both children and adults alike. Accessible on YouTube under the moniker "Jivan Vidya Short Films," these captivating animations delve into a myriad of subjects ranging from interpersonal relationships to educational themes and philosophical discussions.
Looking ahead, Sarthak Media envisions the creation of 5-7 additional videos centered around Jeevan Vidya, alongside a foray into the realm of documentaries and live video projects slated for 2024. The overarching goal remains steadfast: to propagate the principles of co-existentialism through engaging animations, thereby facilitating a deeper understanding of the art of leading a fulfilling life.
The success of the project is measured through a dual lens, both qualitatively and quantitatively, encompassing metrics such as audience engagement, comprehension levels, and viewership metrics. Positive feedback and the impact on the audience's grasp of Jeevan Vidya serve as tangible indicators of the project's efficacy.
Central to its sustainability efforts is the partnership with the SHAPE Foundation, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of video production through its financial contributions. Sarthak Media's innovative approach extends to the creation of bilingual videos in Hindi and English, designed to foster ease of comprehension and adaptability across diverse linguistic landscapes.
The project's impact report offers a comprehensive overview of its current standing, future aspirations, financial intricacies, and collaborative ventures. It underscores the importance of garnering insights into challenges encountered, sustainability strategies implemented, and lessons learned, thereby offering a holistic understanding of its evolutionary trajectory. For further information, visitors are encouraged to explore the "Jivan Vidya Short Films" website.

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