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South Gujarat University

The Jeevan Vidya Course for College Students, launched in September-October 2023 in Surat, Gujarat, stands as a pioneering initiative spearheaded by Himanshu Pastagia. This collaborative effort, conducted in partnership with Sutex Bank College and endorsed by South Gujarat University, represents a groundbreaking endeavor to integrate Jeevan Vidya principles into higher education.
Over the course of its implementation, the project has successfully delivered introductory and comprehensive sessions on Madhyasth Darshan to 600 BCA students, complete with examinations and grading mechanisms. The curriculum, meticulously designed to introduce Madhyasth Darshan to college students, is seamlessly woven into the BCA program, featuring a structured evaluation system to gauge students' comprehension of co-existentialism.
The project's success is gauged both qualitatively, through students' assimilation of the philosophical teachings, and quantitatively, by their performance in the course. However, challenges surface due to the predominantly career-centric focus of the student demographic. Strategies to overcome these hurdles involve gradual acclimatization and a heightened emphasis on volunteerism.
Financial sustenance for the project hinges on voluntary contributions, with SHAPE Foundation & South Gujarat University emerging as pivotal partners, actively collaborating to integrate Madhyasth Darshan as an accredited course. The project emphasizes the importance of tailoring teaching methodologies to resonate with career-oriented youth, advocating for a gradual and volunteer-driven introduction of Madhyasth Darshan.
The project's innovative approach extends to the introduction of Madhyasth Darshan in the regional vernacular, further enhancing accessibility and comprehension among students. In conclusion, the project is an example of the commendable strides made in infusing philosophical teachings into higher education, while emphasizing the imperative of ongoing adaptation, innovation, and a detailed exploration of sustainability and financial viability for a comprehensive understanding of its impact.

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