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Vallukad School

The story of The Vallukad School is a tale of educational innovation and community empowerment, rooted in the heart of rural Gujarat. Established in 1963 by the visionary Vinay Vihar Kevadi Mandal trust, this institution has emerged as a shining beacon of learning in the tranquil landscapes of Paltana Vallukad.
From its inception, The Vallukad School has been dedicated to a singular mission: to provide comprehensive education to the girls of the region, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. What sets this project apart is its holistic approach, offering not just academic instruction but also residential facilities for 1100 girls spanning from 1st to 12th standard.
The Vallukad School has flourished into a comprehensive educational hub. The establishment includes Swami Vivekanand Pathmic Shala for younger students, a sports school for athletic development, and a Girls College offering B.A and B.Com degrees. The provision of residential spaces ensures that education is accessible to those who would otherwise be deprived of such opportunities in urban areas.
Looking towards the future, The Vallukad School envisions further expansion with the establishment of the Gujarat Welfare - Gyan Shakti Residential School in June 2024. This initiative aims to accommodate 300 children in its inaugural year, with plans for exponential growth in subsequent years.
At its core, The Vallukad School is driven by a commitment to providing premium education at no cost to girls who lack access to urban schools. Beyond academics, the institution fosters a nurturing environment that prioritizes nutrition and care alongside learning. Success is measured not only by enrollment numbers but also by improvements in literacy rates and graduation statistics within the tehsil.
Despite challenges, the Vallukad School perseveres with the support of key partners like Shishu Vihar Sansthan Bhavnagar and the SHAPE Foundation. Together, they play vital roles in realizing the project's overarching goals of educational accessibility and community development.
In essence, The Vallukad School stands as a testament to the transformative power of education. Through its endeavors, it not only empowers individual students but also fosters growth and development within the broader community of Paltana Vallukad. The Vinay Vihar Kevadi Mandal trust remains deeply grateful for the unwavering support of its partners and donors, as they continue their mission to make quality education accessible to all.

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