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Ummed Nahata


Ummed Nahata, a man full of Ummeed (Hope) of making an earth "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (Earth one Family)" has explored life fully by getting involved in various movements.

Coming from strong family tradition he went through number of businesses and then started an IT company to earn big money quickly for the purpose of building Humane models to transform the Earth. 

A joyful person and founder of SHAPE Foundation (Sustainable Happy and Prosperous Earth) has got intense desire to see it in his life time. After seeing various programs running in the society, he is fully convinced that Coexistentialism (Madhaysth Darshan) philosophy has the complete answers of all his search.

An ardent student of the same and working passionately to make SHAPE a functional concept across the world with all resolutions of burning issues of the world.

Naresh Baluni


Naresh Baluni, a person with intense fire of getting results found Madhyasth Darshan philosophy a reason for life. Mastered in

Psychology. worked as a CEO in an FMCG company. He enthralled upon understanding Psychology for Human

Consciousness. He is a passionate learner of Co-existential philosophy. He, together with his wife Krishna Baluni practices relational fundamental of the life. He is involved in many active programmes like, Human Psychology curriculum development etc.

He is key member of SHAPE Organization and also a research member looking after accomplishing vision and mission of the programme

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Himanshu Pastagia.jpg

Himanshu Pastagiya 


Himanshu Pastagiya, a cool, calm and passionate thinker in his honest quest to understand "Laws of Human relations", "who am I?" and "What is the purpose of life" found "Madhyasth Darshan" philosophy a complete solution. 

A Chemical Engineer by background and worked with Multinationals, Semi PSU and Private Organization for 17+ years brings him enriching experience.

Teaching a value-based education to his own twin daughters bring him core belief in realizing immense potential of Coexistentialism (Madhaysth Darshan) philosophy in an education.

As a member of SHAPE organization, He is looking after research work to ensure that Earth becomes a thriving place "Free from pollution and a place where Human Cares, Supports, lives in Cordial relation with all other Human".

He is a student of Madhaysth Darshan Philosophy (Jeevan Vidya) which has played pivotal role in his life in bringing resolvement to get the solutions of every problem of mankind.

Ajay Jain


Ajay Jain, an intelligent and thoughtful person who was keen in knowing what the truth is from his college days.

Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi having vast experience of working at senior positions in Maharatna PSU and in Multinationals brings lot of proficiency to him.

To resolve his burning questions, he came across A. Nagarajji (babaji) founder of Coexistentialism (Madhaysth Darshan) philosophy 30 years back. Then onwards, He is getting deeper insights of this philosophy. He is also teaching this concept at various platforms across India. He was conferred Honorary Ph.D. degree by Atmiya University, Rajkot for his vital and noble service of understanding and spreading this philosophy.

As a research member of SHAPE Organization, he brings lots of value to the team.

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Balmukund Meena.jpg

Balmukund Meena


Balmukund, a devoted learner of science and the immutable laws of existence, embarked on an intellectual odyssey that led him from the prestigious halls of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) to the profound depths of existential inquiry. While IIT honed his technological acumen, it was the profound contemplations on life's competitive nature and the ultimate purpose of human endeavors that guided him towards the enlightening philosophy of Coexistentialism (Madhyasth Darshan). This philosophy not only demystified the intricate laws of science for him but also illuminated the profound principles governing human relationships and systems, answering his most pressing existential questions. Now, Balmukund dedicates his efforts to reinterpreting contemporary scientific theories, such as the Unified Theory, through the lens of Coexistentialism. His teachings on this philosophy span various platforms, enriching minds and fostering a deeper understanding of existence. As a research member of the SHAPE Organization, he plays a pivotal role in addressing global challenges, presenting solutions that are both innovative and relatable. Together with his wife Vidhi, Balmukund applies Coexistentialism principles in their family life, nurturing an atmosphere of harmony and understanding.

Kishan Chaturvedi


Kishan Chaturvedi, a loving & relation centric person involved in traditional business of spices - was looking for a perfect design which fulfils human's requirement of living in harmony with each other.

Having spent more than 20 years in business back in 2007, he started understanding Madhaysth Darshan philosophy. 

Growing in a strong family value-based culture, he firmly believes that life is simple and we all can live happily once we get understanding of existence and human relations.

He is a student of Madhyasth Darshan and a member of SHAPE organization research team where he desires to achieve his goal which is aligned with the SHAPE organization's Goal.

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Ramesh Choudhari_edited.jpg

Ramesh Choudhary


Ramesh Choudhary, a true companion, while working in a MNC come across a thought of How to be Happy and Supports other to be Happy, which took a beautiful turn in his life where he started understanding Madhaysth Darshan Philosophy.

Working at Senior positions in IT Field and spending almost 20 years in corporates, He embarked on a journey to understand What the reality is for now more than 10 years.

Enjoying his family life, he is ardently desiring to build a society where people live happy life and do sustainable production so as to keep earth healthy.

He is a student of Madhyasth Darshan and a member of SHAPE organization where he is part of research team in designing way to make earth a better place to live.

Vinod Sharma 


Vinod Sharma, a person with tranquillity and having deep belief of not harming anybody, comes across Coexistentialism (Madhyasth Darshan) philosophy, in order to give best education to his children.

Born and brought up in a spiritual family, he started an IT company as he was firm believer of not taking up job.  He ensured that the company merely not work for the profit but should be a place where partners share warmth with each other.

He is composed person and associated with the Madhysth Darshan philosophy for more than 10 years now. He lives in a rural area, runs office from there and also involved in farming. His aim is to give better life to coming generations.

He, his wife Nitu and both children are passionate students of Madhaysth Darshan and actively working in SHAPE Foundation to fulfil his wonderful desires.

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Hemant Moharir_edited.jpg

Hemant Moharir


Hemant Moharir, a talented noble man, is an engineering professional with a PG in management and a successful corporate background spanning over 20 years. 

About 12 years ago, he made a life-altering decision to seek a more meaningful, balanced, and sustainable model of life. In his search, he came across, Madhyasth Darshan –the co-existential philosophy, which gave him the purpose he was seeking.

Today, Hemant dedicates his time to the study and application of philosophy, serving as a facilitator for organic, sustainable, and healthy produce, through an initiative founded by him, called “Yuktahaar in Nagpur”. He has also co-founded and created a platform, called, where genuine producers and conscious consumers are connected making it a rather relationship-based value chain. Supported wholeheartedly by his Nutritionist-Yoga teacher wife, Swati, the venture embodies their shared vision of a greener and healthier world.

As a research member of SHAPE organization, he brings loads of fresh ideas and nitty-gritties of implementation.


Rahul Mahajan


A dedicated, transparent, and family-oriented individual on a quest for the delicate equilibrium between business pursuits, family bonds, and personal identity.

Having pursued both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies within and beyond the borders of the country, Rahul seamlessly manages the family-owned business situated in the vibrant capital i.e. Delhi. 

Nestled in a joint family spanning four generations, he draws strength from cultural values that shape him into a nurturing father and devoted husband.

In his pursuit of life's equilibrium, Rahul discovered solace in Coexistentialism (Madhaysth Darshan) philosophy. Collaborating with his father, Sushil Mahajan, and his wife, Shefali Mahajan, they delve into this philosophy to lead a harmonious life and provide their children with a holistic education.

Not confined to his familial roles, Rahul is an active research member of the SHAPE Foundation. Through this affiliation, he brings a wealth of knowledge about current global practices and innovative ideas to the team, contributing to its growth and success.

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