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Abyuday Sansthan Hapur

Established in 2015, Abhyuday Sansthan envisions a transformative residential facility sprawled across a serene 4-acre expanse in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. Guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. Som Tyagi and Mr Sanjeev Tyagi, the organization stands distinguished by its pioneering Jeevan Vidya Introduction and Study Camps, rooted in the profound principles of Madhyastha Darshan Coexistentialism as expounded by Shri Nagaraj ji. At its heart, the project aspires to cultivate an ethos of "Undivided Society and Universal Order'' that resonates globally.

Looking ahead, the project's trajectory is firmly anchored in sustaining these transformative camps, each meticulously crafted to foster profound introspection and communal harmony along with SHAPE Foundation’s initiative of developing a new wing to accommodate 250 individuals.
The project asserts its commitment to self-sustainability through participant contributions and philanthropic donations. In a strategic collaboration with the Delhi Education Department, Abhyudaya Sansthan is actively engaged in enriching educational landscapes through comprehensive teacher training initiatives. Notably, the organization has made significant contributions to the development of the "Happiness Curriculum" for the Delhi Government's Directorate of Education, thus cementing its reputation as a trailblazer in innovative pedagogical practices and a staunch advocate for the continuous enhancement of teacher capacity.

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