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Sanchetna Psychology

The Sanchetna Psychology Research project was initiated in December 2022 by Yogesh Shastri ji. Situated in Parada village within Buldhana district, Sanchetna Psychology Research project, stands as a commendable initiative orchestrated under the auspices of the Manav Shikshan Shodh Sansthan. Distinguished by its singular focus on comprehending psychology from a myriad of perspectives, the project targets individuals aged 20-25, embarking on a journey to unravel the intricacies of the human psyche.
The project's curriculum design is meticulously crafted to encompass an array of subjects germane to the daily lives of non-problematic youth. These topics span a broad spectrum, ranging from health and wellbeing to interpersonal relations, environmental psychology, child psychology, socio-emotional development, self, personality, and counseling. The pedagogical approach is underpinned by regular workshops held every three months throughout the duration of 2023, with the aim of engaging 30-40 participants per session.
Central to the project's ethos is its commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of the 20-25-year-old demographic, with a particular emphasis on navigating issues pertaining to relationships and life in general. While the project has received financial support, a comprehensive breakdown of fund utilization remains pending. Evaluation of the project's impact, though ongoing, awaits summarization.
Encountering challenges such as time constraints and the imperative need for academic support, the project remains steadfast in its resolve to surmount these obstacles through proactive measures. Integral to the project's success are the strategic partnerships forged with key organizations such as IASE, GVM, SHAPE Foundation, Divyapath Sansthan, and Manav Shiksha Shodh Sansthan, each contributing significantly to the realization of the project's multifaceted objectives.
The Sanchetna Psychology Research project epitomizes a collaborative endeavor aimed at enriching the lives of young adults through a deeper understanding of psychological principles. As it continues to evolve, the project remains committed to fostering holistic development and nurturing the mental wellbeing of its participants, thereby contributing to the betterment of society at large.

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